Your Hearing: Virtual, In-Person or Hybrid?

There are three types of refugee hearings: virtual, in-person and hybrid.

Virtual hearings happen using computers, with the participants connecting through the internet. 

In-person hearings happen on location at the IRB-RPD office, with participants in the room together.

In a hybrid hearing, the participants in your refugee hearing may participate from different locations, some virtually and some in-person at the IRB-RPD. You might consider requesting a hybrid hearing if you have a virtual hearing but do not have access to a computer or tablet to participate. The IRB-RPD will provide you with a computer or tablet.

Regardless of whether your refugee hearing is virtual or in- person, the order of events is the same, the decision-making process is the same, and the Member who will decide your case must treat you with respect and make a well-reasoned and fair decision on your refugee claim.

If you cannot participate in a virtual hearing

If there is a reason why you believe you cannot participate in a virtual hearing, you or your legal representative can make a request to the IRB-RPD that your hearing be held:

  • Hybrid: A request can be made up to ten working days prior to your hearing by contacting the Immigration and Refugee Board in your region, by phone, email or mail. If this request is made within 10 days of your hearing, you will need to explain in writing why this was not submitted in a timely manner
  • In-person: A request can be made by completing this form. You must submit the form at least 10 days before your hearing date. The request must contain the reasons why you do not think it would be fair for you to participate in a virtual hearing.