Your Hearing: Virtual or In-Person?

There are two types of refugee hearings: virtual (online) and in-person.

A virtual hearing is a videoconference on a computer. Everyone appears on a computer screen. Use your own computer or tablet.

If you do not have a computer or tablet or internet, ask the IRB-RPD for help. The IRB-RPD can give you a computer or tablet to use at their location. Ask the IRB-RPD in your region by phone, email, or mail. You must contact them at least ten working days before your hearing.

An in-person hearing is at the IRB-RPD office. Everyone is in the room together.

All hearings are the same whether they are virtual or in-person.

If you do not want a virtual hearing

All refugee hearings are scheduled as virtual, but may be changed to in-person.

If there is a reason why you do not want a virtual hearing, you or your legal representative can ask the IRB-RPD to change it to in-person. You must fill out this form and send it in at least ten days before your hearing. You must say why you would like or require an in-person hearing.