Get a Legal Representative

The refugee claim process is complicated. It is a good idea to have a legal representative guide you through the refugee claim process. You are not required to have a legal representative, but they can help you do your best.

When should I get a legal representative?

Try to get a legal representative before starting your refugee claim or as soon as you can. Try to have one help you at your hearing.

Who can represent me?

These people can represent (act for) you during your refugee claim:

  • Lawyer
  • Immigration consultant
  • Notary public (in Quebec)
  • Licensed paralegal (in Ontario)
Law Societies

You want to trust that your legal representative is guiding you well and giving you good advice. Check that they are a member of their professional organization.

Here is the link to the law society in your province:

Law Society of Alberta 

Law Society British Columbia

Law Society of Manitoba

Law Society of New Brunswick

Law Society of Newfoundland and Labrador

Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society

Law Society of Ontario

Law Society of Prince Edward Island

Barreau du Quebec

Law Society of Saskatchewan

Representative without a fee

You are allowed to have someone you trust (such as a family member or friend) give you free help with your claim. This person is called a “representative without a fee.” But always try to get a legal representative.