Welcome to My Refugee Claim

My Refugee Claim is a guide for refugee claimants in Canada.

My Refugee Claim helps you:

  • get informed about Canada’s refugee protection process
  • stay connected to people who can help
  • be prepared every step of the way.

Acronyms and Glossary

Understand important words and acronyms you may encounter throughout your refugee claim process.

Orientation Booklet

View and print the Orientation Booklet. This resource provides an overview of Canada’s refugee protection process. Use it to navigate throughout your journey.

Community Resources

Community Resources

Connect to people who can help you on your refugee claim journey in Canada, wherever you are.
Important Contacts

Important Government Contacts

Stay in touch with the government agencies important to your claim.


Learn who My Refugee Claim is for and who is behind it.
Ready Tours

Ready Tours

Register for your free, virtual Ready Tour to get ready for your refugee hearing.