Ready Tours

Ready Tours are designed to educate, orient, and support refugee claimants as they prepare for their refugee hearings. If you are a refugee claimant, you can register for and attend a free virtual Ready Tour from wherever you are in Canada. Settlement/Community workers may also register and attend.

Register for a virtual Ready Tour

I am in Canada and have a refugee protection claimant document (refugee claimant identification)?

You must be in Canada and have obtained a refugee protection claimant document (IMM1442) in order to participate in the READY Tour. Please return to this site and register once you have been found eligible. Thank you.

Ready Tours give you an opportunity to:

  • Meet a staff person of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada – Refugee Protection Division (IRB-RPD)
  • Learn how to prepare for your virtual refugee hearing
  • Learn the order of events on the day of your hearing
  • Learn who might participate in a refugee hearing
  • Learn important concepts about refugee law and determination
  • Have a chance to ask questions about the process.

Steps to attending a Ready Tour:

  • Register to attend
  • Choose your preferred language (free interpretation is provided)
  • Receive an email or phone call from a Ready Tour organizer to confirm your registration
  • Receive the Microsoft Teams link for your virtual Ready Tour
  • Attend your virtual Ready Tour using a digital device at your given date and time.

What refugee claimant participants say about the Ready Tour

The Ready Tour makes me feel more confident and not too scared about the hearing.

The most useful part of the virtual Ready Tour is knowing how the hearing takes place and what to expect.

It was so helpful and good to have a chance to ask questions about the refugee hearing process and get good informative answers.

Difficulties registering for a Ready Tour?

Contact [email protected]