Learn about My Refugee Claim and the history and the organizations behind it.

My Refugee Claim is for refugee claimants

Refugee claimants are people who want refugee protection in Canada.

People who leave their home country because of persecution and ask for protection in another country are called asylum seekers. In Canada, asylum seekers are called refugee claimants.

When they arrive in Canada, refugee claimants start on a long and complicated journey. If they are successful, they can apply to become permanent residents. Refugee claimants are not Government Assisted Refugees or Privately Sponsored Refugees, who become permanent residents when they arrive in Canada.

My Refugee Claim was created by frontline workers, legal experts, and refugee claimants. The goal was to make the refugee protection system easier for all refugee claimants.

My Refugee Claim is driven by four key commitments



We educate with up-to-date, accurate, and appropriate information.


We connect refugee claimants to experts who are skilled to help.


We make Canada’s refugee protection system easier to understand and navigate.


We work in trusting and professional relationships with refugee claimants and with people in government, non-government, and intergovernmental agencies.

My Refugee Claim resources

If you are a refugee claimant in Canada, the Orientation Booklet, MyRefugeeClaim.ca, and Ready Tours are designed for you. They will help you get informed, connected, and prepared. However, they are not meant to replace good legal advice.

If you are a settlement or community worker, lawyer, other legal representative, or concerned Canadian, use these resources with refugee claimants as you help them on their journey.

Orientation Booklet

Orientation Booklet

This illustrated, 28-page printable booklet (8.5″x11″) gives an overview of Canada’s refugee protection process. An attractive and informative workbook, it helps claimants stay organized as they move through the refugee process. The Orientation Booklet connects to MyRefugeeClaim.ca using QR codes.
MyRefugeeClaim.ca Website


This website is designed for claimants to use and clearly explains refugee law and each step in the complex refugee protection process.
Ready Tours

Ready Tours

This online learning opportunity brings refugee claimants together with IRB-RPD staff to learn how to prepare for the refugee hearing.

My Refugee Claim resources support the refugee claimant

This simple graphic shows where the My Refugee Claim resources best support the refugee claimant on their journey.


In 2008, Kinbrace, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR Canada), and the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada – Refugee Protection Division (Western Region) together launched Ready Tours for refugee claimants in Vancouver, BC.

The Refugee Hearing Preparation Guide was developed in 2010 as an easy-to-read pamphlet for claimants attending the Ready Tours in Vancouver. Its popularity, and the discussions it inspired, led to the creation of an expanded 48-page booklet in 2014. The booklet was translated into 11 languages and regularly updated and adapted for the six regions in Canada where refugee hearings are held in-person. The multilingual guides remain available here. Caution: The guides were last updated in 2019-2020. Information may have changed.

In 2017, Ready Tour registration and the Refugee Hearing Preparation Guide were brought together in the online resource Ready For My Refugee Hearing (French, English). The goal was to better reach refugee claimants by connecting information, processes, and service providers.

The 2020 pandemic led to significant changes in the refugee process. This created an opportunity to imagine a broad public legal education and information resource that would be accessible for refugee claimants, and easier to update and manage for providers.

The result is the extensive yet mobile-friendly and printable My Refugee Claim website, that informs, connects, and well prepares people seeking refugee protection in Canada.

Refugee Hearing Preparation Guide

Get the Refugee Hearing Preparation Guide

Project Funders

Alberta Law Foundation
The Law Foundation of Ontario
The Houssian Foundation
The Notary Foundation
UNHCR Canada
Legal Aid BC

How you can help

You can help refugee claimants be informed, connected, and prepared by improving My Refugee Claim resources.


  • Tell us what is most helpful, what should change, and what is missing in My Refugee Claim resources. Provide your feedback here.


  • Tell us what is most helpful, what should change, and what is missing in My Refugee Claim resources. Provide your feedback here.

Based in Vancouver, BC, the Kinbrace community welcomes refugee claimants with wrap-around wellbeing supports including housing, companionship, employment, and public legal education resources. Our vision for each refugee claimant is a world of welcome, a community of belonging, and a life of opportunity.