Refugee Hearing Preparation Guide

Refugee Hearing Preparation Guide

The multilingual Refugee Hearing Preparation (RHP) Guide remains useful to educate, guide, and support refugee claimants – in their language – who are preparing for their refugee hearings.

Up-to-date and expanded information is available at, but (for now) only in English.

Use the RHP Guide to

  • Gather evidence
  • Prepare for the refugee hearing

Continue to Get Valuable Content in Your Language

The RHP Guide remains valuable, mainly because it is available in 12 languages for refugee claimants.

Pages 16-27 of the section Preparing for Your Refugee Hearing contains stable, useful content.

If your preferred language is not available for the region you are in, but it is available for another region, feel free to use it. Be careful that some of the content may not apply to your region.