Getting the Support You Need

Connect to a settlement organization

Connect to a settlement service organization or community resources for help with housing, school registration for your children, language classes, and more. As a refugee claimant in Canada, there are free services available to you. Settlement service providers can help you look for a job, access language classes, find a home, sign-up your children for school, and learn about community services.

Eligible for IFHP coverage

As a refugee claimant, you are eligible for Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) coverage. This provides medical coverage similar to provincial health care insurance. This includes hospital services, services provided by health-care professionals, additional services such as vision and urgent dental care, and prescription drug coverage. This coverage continues until you leave Canada or become eligible for provincial or territorial health insurance.

Access mental health supports

You may experience mental distress as you navigate the refugee claimant process, with its uncertainty and complexity. You may also have experienced  trauma in your home country, and during your journey to Canada. There are services in Canada that may be helpful for you. The IFHP provides some coverage for mental health services.

Do not isolate yourself

Do your best to avoid isolating yourself. Connect with other refugee claimants or newcomer support groups that will provide you with a safe space where you can share your lived experiences. Make new friends and keep in touch with your friends back home and family where possible.