Waiting Period

Be patient

Waiting is a normal and common part of the refugee claim process. There is no standard period of time to wait between submitting your claim and your refugee hearing date, or between your hearing date and the decision being made and sent to you. While one agency, the IRB-RPD operates in three regions in Canada and refugee claim process waiting times may be quite different between the three.

Establish yourself in Canada

During the waiting period, you can use this time to settle yourself and family members. This can include improving your English or French language skills, finding employment, staying physically active, volunteering in the community, joining newcomer activity groups and getting to know some of your neighbours.

Continue to prepare for your hearing

This can include:

  • Attending a Ready Tour at the IRB-RPD. This will allow you to learn how to prepare for your hearing day, meet IRB staff, get oriented on the events and participants that may be in your hearing, and ask any questions you may have about the process
  • Reviewing your BOC, narrative, and the evidence you submitted to stay familiar with it 
  • If you find inconsistencies in your BOC, narrative, eligibility interview notes, evidence and other forms and applications (including overseas visa applications), you can point these out to your legal representative and consider sending amendments to the IRB-RPD
  • Keep up on the news from your country.  If relevant news articles or reports become available, provide these to your legal representative.