After Your Hearing

No standard timelines

There are no standard timelines for receiving a decision. You may receive a positive or negative decision from the Member at the end of your hearing. In some instances, the Member may require more time to make a decision and you will receive the decision from the tribunal via regular mail. A delayed decision may be stressful for you, but it does not necessarily mean you will receive a negative decision.

Options if you receive a negative decision

There are legal options if you receive a negative decision. Talk to your legal representative.

Be cautious about losing status

If you receive a positive decision, you can apply for permanent residency for yourself and your family members. Delays may require you to renew your work permit and may lead to other complications. In addition, if you are granted refugee protection, you may not return to your country of origin. If you do return to your country, the government may refer your case back to the IRB-RPD for another hearing.