Prepare Your Information

Write down your story

It is helpful to write down your story. Include everywhere you worked, lived, and travelled in the last ten years. This can help you think about what evidence is important to your claim. Put in all details that may be important. More is better than less. The IRB-RPD may not like it if you hide information or if you add new information at your hearing.

Gather your evidence

Start gathering evidence for your claim:

  • Documents that prove who you are
  • Evidence that supports your case
  • Documents that connect conditions in your country to your claim
  • Letters or legal documents (affidavits) from people who can say your story is true
  • Witnesses who can speak at your hearing
  • Places you visited and the dates 
  • What government agency in your country you asked for help
  • Other places you stayed in your country to avoid being treated badly

Try to get anything you need from your home country (your country or where you usually lived) as soon as possible. Getting police or hospital reports can take a long time. If you cannot get something, keep a record of how you tried to get it.

Review your documents and evidence

Someone may write a letter of support for you that does not match the information in your BOC Form. You may need to talk to the writer so you can explain at your hearing. Talk to your legal representative about what to do. It is very important that the IRB-RPD believes all the important parts of your story.

Translate all documents

All evidence must be translated into English or French. This takes time so do it as soon as possible. Check with your legal representative about what you need to get translated.

Keep a copy of all your documents

Keep photocopies of all your documents:

  • Your BOC and other immigration forms
  • Your narrative
  • All evidence, applications, and letters that you or your legal representative give to the IRB, CBSA or IRCC
  • Any letters, documents, or appointment notices that the IRB, CBSA, or IRCC send to you

Get a file folder to keep your documents organized and safe. Keep your documents until you become a Canadian citizen.

Update your address

Always keep your address updated. This is important so you do not miss any information about your claim.