Positive Decision

If you receive a positive IRB-RPD decision, you are a Protected Person and you (and family inside and outside Canada) may apply for permanent residence.

If the Minister appeals your positive decision within 15 days, you will need to put your permanent residence application on hold.

What can I do if the Minister appeals my positive IRB-RPD decision to the IRB-Refugee Appeal Division?

If the Minister appeals your IRB-RPD positive decision, you will be notified and will have the opportunity to respond.

Find a legal representative to assist you with keeping your protected status in Canada.

When you respond, you must:

  • Submit a Notice of Intent to Respond
  • Prepare your respondent’s record
  • Provide a copy of your Notice of Intent to Respond and your respondent’s record to the Minister and then to the IRB-RAD no later than 15 days after the day on which you receive a supporting document from the Minister
  • Give the IRB-RAD proof that you provided the Notice of Intent to Respond and the respondent’s record to the Minister
  • Make sure that all of the documents you provide are in the right format
  • Provide your documents on time.

See the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada – Refugee Appeal Division (IRB-RAD) website for more information.

Traveling outside of Canada

If you plan to travel outside of Canada after you have received Protected Person status, apply for a Refugee Travel Document with Passport Canada. You can apply for and use a Refugee Travel Document as soon as you have received the IRB-RPD decision granting you Protected Person status.  If there has been an appeal of your positive decision by the Minster, do not leave Canada.