After you send in your BOC Form

If you forgot something or made a mistake

There are two ways to make changes:

Make the change on your copy of the BOC Form or narrative and underline it. Then sign your name and date each page where you have made a change.


Write a letter explaining what the changes are, where they are in the document, and why you made these changes. Write, “These changes are complete, true, and correct, and I understand that the declaration is of the same force and effect as if made under oath.” Sign and date your letter.

Send in your changes

Send one copy of each original page and its changed page (and your letter if you have one) to the IRB-RPD at least 10 days before your hearing. Keep copies for your own records. If the Minister’s Counsel will be at your hearing, send them a copy of these changes also.

Withdrawing your refugee claim

If you decide to withdraw your claim, CBSA may remove you from Canada.  You cannot change your mind or make another refugee claim later. Speak to a legal representative before you withdraw your claim.

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