Your Immigration Medical Examination

All refugee claimants must have a free Immigration Medical Exam (IME). Each family member has their own exam. It must be done by a doctor who is approved by IRCC. Have the exam as soon as you can: you need it for your work permit.

What to take to your medical exam

When you go to your medical exam, take:

  • Your Acknowledgement of Claim letter if you have one
  • The Medical Report Form
  • An identity document, if you have one
  • Your eyeglasses or contact lenses, if you wear them
  • Proof of Covid-19 vaccination, if you have one
  • Any medical reports or test results about medical conditions (including from the past). You must get them translated into English or French (with a declaration signed by the translator).
Medical history and exam

The doctor will ask questions about your medical history. Then the doctor:

  • weighs you and measures your height
  • checks your hearing and vision
  • takes your blood pressure and feels your pulse
  • listens to your heart and lungs
  • feels your abdomen
  • checks how your arms and legs move
  • looks at your skin

If the doctor needs to examine your breasts, they will explain how and why. You may also need to have chest x-rays and laboratory tests.

You can ask to have someone with you during the exam.

The doctor will send the results to IRCC directly. Your medical exam does not affect whether your claim is accepted or not.