Complete your Basis of Claim Form

The Basis of Claim (BOC) Form is the most important document in your refugee claim. In it, you give details about who you are and the reasons why you want protection in Canada. 

To decide if you are a Convention Refugee or Person in Need of Protection, a Member of the (IRB-RPD):

  • reads your BOC Form, 
  • looks at your evidence, and 
  • listens to what you say at your hearing.

They will ask you questions about your BOC Form at your refugee hearing.

Your BOC Form

When you do your BOC Form:

  • Download the BOC Form here.
  • Read the instructions and the Claimant’s Guide.
  • The BOC Form must be in English or French. If you do not have strong English or French skills, find a good interpreter to help you.  
  • Understand each question before answering it. Your answers must be true, correct, and complete.
  • Answer all questions on the BOC Form. Do not leave any blanks.
  • Write “N/A” (Not Applicable) if a question does not apply to you.
  • If you are not sure about something, say this in your BOC Form.
  • You may choose to give longer answers to the BOC questions. To do this, you can attach a separate piece of paper with more information, called your narrative.
  • The information on the BOC Form should match:
    • what you have said in any interview,
    • the information you give on the portal, and 
    • your narrative or documents that you attach to your BOC Form.
  • Be sure to keep a copy of your BOC Form, and every other document or form that you send in.
  • You must do a BOC Form for each family member applying with you:
    • For a child 6 years old or younger making a claim with a parent: Fill in only the “WHO YOU ARE” section of the BOC Form. A parent or the Designated Representative must sign the form.
    • For a child 7 to 17 years old making a claim with a parent: Fill in all the BOC Form. A parent or the Designated Representative must sign it.
    • A child of any age under 18 who does not have an adult with them:  A Designated Representative must fill in all the BOC Form and sign it.
    • Children 18 years and older must sign their own BOC Form.