If Your Hearing is In-Person

Your in-person hearing happens only if your request for an in-person hearing is approved by the IRB-RPD, or if the IRB-RPD decides your hearing should be in-person.

Your in-person hearing takes place at the IRB-RPD office. You or your legal representative will get a Notice to Appear after the IRB-RPD sets a date and time. The Notice to Appear gives you the address where your hearing will happen. Read this notice carefully because it explains what to do.

Change your hearing date or time

If you need to change your hearing date or time because of an emergency or illness, you must ask the IRB-RPD.

You or your legal representative must:

  • Tell the IRB-RPD in writing (by email or fax) at least three working days before your hearing.
  • Suggest three other dates and times for your hearing. The dates must be within ten business days of your original hearing date.
  • Send a medical certificate from your doctor if your reason is medical. If you cannot get a medical certificate, you must include a letter explaining why not.